Tools To Help Guide and Strengthen Our Families

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We are blessed to live in such a beautiful location. Keep in mind that nature is God's second book. There are some many lessons and things we can do to learn of our creator in nature? Using a microscope or a telescope will open the wonders of God to our children's minds. We have grand beauty all around us but we know so little about it. Sabbath is a perfect day for teaching our children about the God of nature in unique and interesting ways! I would love to hear your ideas on this subject!

Family Activities On Sabbath

    • Taking a hike
    • Visiting the sick
    • Passing Out Books
    • Making a card and delivering it to someone (Great for Rainy Day)
    • Looking at nature under a microscope (Great for Rainy Day)
    • Playing music and singing together (Great for Rainy Day)
    • Playing a Bible game (Great for Rainy Day)