Often times we as parents wonder about the music choices of our children. Beautiful music dose not have to be boring. Let your child use their talents in positive ways. Our creator gave us a musical mind so it is very important what we listen too. This is not a lecture on what you need to listen to but it is a subject you need to think and pray about. Consider the music below, its uplifting and not boring and allows you mind to think.

All They Want Is Time

kids share.jpg

Disney, Dollywood and Six Flags are all fun places to go with your kids but there is something far more important and that is TIME. You see it's the little things they do that need your attention as a parent. If they make something for you or want to show you something do you just brush it off when you are in a hurry? Paying attention to those moments will build a strong relationship far beyond any entertainment you can offer! It's the daily attention to their lives that matter. We all know kids grow up fast and then we wonder why our bonds are not stronger. Did you make time for them when they asked for it?  Did you take time to listen to their little problems?  You see even though their problems seem small to us they are big to them. If we want lasting and happy families lets take the time to spend with each other!